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Rwos: This 'Death Queen'...we need to find more about her.

H'lena: Isn't it obvious? One of K'Warra's charges got corrupted when she got stranded here. When K'Warra got out of that "Shunaria"'s prison, well...willingly or unwillingly, he's helping her. Technically, after all, he is under his charges' power.

Rwos: But you said this is eons in the past.

H'lena: Shunaria devoured the spirit of the Phoenix. He can move through time at will. He cannot change whatever is fated happen here, but he can use whatever is happening to affect the present. He could get some kind of power from anywhere in time, and we would have no idea that he did, let alone what to do about it.

Che`: So this 'god' Shunaria is connected with all this.

H'lena: Of course. One way or another. Shunaria may not even have a plan. K'Warra's wraith wasn't very clear on that. He could have become some kind of mindless, incredibly powerful zombie. But even if he is - from what the wraith said, K'Warra and this Elizabeth have a plan to lure him her, or go to him. This is what we have to find out.

Rwos: First things first...the Starkiller.

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