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Asgard: Gladsheim

Odin: We have watched the inner and mid rim worlds of this galaxy for years beyond count. We have kept them safe from outside threats that could have destroyed those civilizations. We have seen them develop. In order to keep the mid and inner rims developing at a healthy rate and to prevant stagnation it is necessary that we withdraw a portion of our protection.

There are still innocents in the galaxy. Although they be few and far between. We will not abandon them to the wolves. Nor will we abandon the few allies we have to face the threats alone. We will continue to watch, and if necessary step in.

Already there are fully automated listening stations posted around the worlds. Some Valkyries may be wondering if they still have a job with this. They should not fear, there is and always will be plenty for the Valkyries to do, and there is plenty for every Aesir. The futhark has returned, we still have our mission with the Jotuns and numerous other tasks.

While we advance keep in mind. Evil is only allowed to presist when good men do nothing.

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."

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