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England, 18th Century

*Enelya and Cyrus fight each other*

Enelya: *hissing in his face* You're far too strong for a human. What part of your soul did you sacrifice for your power?

Cyrus: Speak not of souls, foul demon, for you have none.

Enelya: You think so? Wrong, human. It is with my humanity I have become what you see before you, and it is with my humanity that I shall exact my vengeance on all your kind. I have a soul, human, just as you...

Cyrus: Even if what you say is makes no difference to me. *He manages to stab her arm with his short sword blade* You are an unholy beast, and I will destroy you and every last one of your dark kind.

Enelya: What about your children, Cyrus? Your family? A family like the ones you honorable Englishmen do not allow my people to have?

*Cyrus regains his crossbow. He fires at Enelya, who catches the bolt with her hand. She yanks it out of her palm and throws it back at him, missing*

Cyrus: A family? One like me does not have the luxury of families.

Enelya: You're lying. I can see it in your eyes. *She glances at the barn, where all the people have headed* And why don't you have your friends run away? Not as if they could escape...but why do you herd into a barn like animals waiting to be slaughtered?

Cyrus: So much talk, vampire.

*An arrow flies from the forest and buries itself in Enelya's chest. She twists, and it misses her heart.

Cyrus' companions emerge from the trees. The gargoyle has another arrow notched into his bow. The elves carry large, round weapons with curved spikes circling their outer edges. The furred man carries long claws*

Cyrus: You will die here. Your demon companions we have already taken care of. They will not come to help you. Have you any last words?

Enelya: No one needs to help me.

*She leaps high into the air. She catches on a tree branch and flings herself onto the barn roof. The gargoyle fires arrows at her, but she is too fast. She disappears over the roof's peak.*

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