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((Deac: Yeah, OK. Lets say 30 odd Imortals were sent/arrived from a higher plane. Micheal is the only survivor of that group. Then lets say they bred with the locals and so every now and then "human" parrents through up an imortal?

Regardless, enter the hero! ))

*At this moment Drago enters, he carries a leather bag with him.*

Drago: Tell your followers one of the Death Queen's Captains is dead. You can even show them her head. *Drops the bag at Furion's feet.* Bury it twelve feet below the ground, face down. *He turns to go, then he sees Deac, he gives him a curious look and then turns to Furion.*

Drago: Starkiller?

*Flax leans over and wispers to Deac.*

Flax: That's Drago, he's an Imortal. If we're in the past this may be where he came from.

((P.S. The Imortals backstory doesn't effect Drago since he's cursed. However he still comes under the council.))

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