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Has anyone else been having trouble replying to posts in this section....?

i cannot reply to any posts in the holowan labs. it times out and gives me a server cannot be found error every time i try. other areas of the starwarsknights forums seem fine. i mean they're slow to post, but at least they eventually do.

anyway, i have been trying to add this reply to the 'we gotta start modding thread in reply to a comment by darth exar kun:

yeah i would have been much happier had they placed my character's head on bandon's body when i put his armor on. i was so hopeful when i found that armor on his corpse. and very disappointed when i saw what happened when i put it on. i mean i liked it. it was cool. but it looked nothing like it did on him. and it looked alot better on him.

as for calo, i thought his armor looked better once i had pried it off his dead body and put it on myself. after all he was pretty short, it may seem weird for your head to be on his body all of a sudden. that could be more shocking to your party than the other revelation. "i don't know how i managed to shrink three feet, really!"

thought i would try to add a new thread and see if that would work.
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