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England, 18th Century

*When Cyrus and his men made it to the other side of the barn seconds later, Enelya was nowhere to be seen.

In fact, she had gone down the side of the barn itself and slided in through a high window, perhaps intending to take a hostage or start a commotion to mask her escape.

What she saw stopped her in her tracks, hanging in the rafters.

A net of blue sparks hung in the air, forming a giant circlet as big as one of the barn walls. In between the blue sparks, a set of large red doors was visible.

A carriage was heading through the doors. It was horse-drawn carriage with a team of four horses. Except the carriage was completey embraced by a great structure of dark metal that could not have been forged by men. The only trace of metalwork that appeared to the vampire's keen eyesight were the runes all along the sides that she could not read, but even without being able to recognize that, she would have still known that what was in front of her did not belong. Being pulled behind the carriage by virtue of a long chain was a huge star-shaped structure that floated of its own accord, glowing.

A strange pale green sheen ran over the carriage's runes as the carriage went through the red doors...into the wall.

Something inside her was stirring, drawing her towards the net of sparks, towards the doors into the wall...

Before she could do anything, before her stunned eyes the doors shut. The circlet of sparks drew inwards and vanished in on itself, leaving nothing but a blank, slightly charred barn wall.

All the humans were gone. Escaped.


In the present, in an alien dimension, Gilian, recognized what was in front of her. Like most vampires she had an exceptionally good memory. Even if she hadn't, however, she still would have remembered this.

What was in front of her was the carriage from the barn, or one like it. The actual horse-drawn, human-crafted carriage itself was long gone, but there was no mistaking the pieces that remained.


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