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eidospogos :

Same problem here... I'll try it in this post.

Answer to your question from the "Has anyone...."-thread :

Sorry to dissapoint you a little, but what I've currently worked out is not even enough for you to get started with. I meanwhile know the basic structure, but there are fine diffrences from image to image. I haven't even figured out the header information at a rate I'm comfortable with.

What I have figured out is that BW uses somekind of graphic interpolation in many of their files, and I have verified this for all BG-Graphics and mainly the GUI-Stuff, and my guess from looking at the model textures is that they are no diffrent.

So far I have detected a whole lotta non-standard 16-Bit Images ( 565-Encoded for all who are interested ) and very few standard RGBA-Encoded Images.

Is there anyone out here with experience in interpolation methods, who could help me out a bit?
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