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DS Run

It works. Read some other advise and found some goodies there:

1.) X-Wings and ties crushing from behind do a hell of damage to your ship, so avoid sharp slowdowns. You can try to fly faster and let them behind, but this way is not neccessary (it's heroic).

2.) Never try to turn around in a tunnel!

3.) Container area:
If you found yourself blocked with a container, jump into the turrets and back to cockpit, changing throttle and turning with joystick-rudder-function - but better fly between two blocks.

4.) Slow down 999 speed by scratching the tunnels bottom - you need slow flight for refreshing you shields.

5.) If you have reached the DS-lasers, you can get rid of the following ties with a trick: counting out the time between two lasershots, you reenter the tunnel just a few moments before it fires again - 3 of 4 times it worked and the row behind you is smashed to nothing (it's suddenly quiet). I needed to go this way, because my PC crashed regularly when reaching the big chamber with the troopers and ties still flying!!

6.) Fire the torpedos standing still (they travel at slower speed)!, than rush out, flying the better parts at highest speed to save time for the tricky ones.

At the end - there is no end: look for the mission editor and create new missions!

Bhakar (alias A.F.)
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