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((OOS: Oy! Deac! Check your notes!!

According to the previous Mrear RPGs, this IS the same universe as the Cantina - sorta


Hello, before I jump in I have a question. Is this still the Star Wars universe, only eons in the past? If its not I'm going to have to work some dimention hopping.

((Well. It's the Cantina-verse. It's eons in the past on the planet Mrear. But it's at its core a fantasy-style universe.

[me blabbing - edited out]

(btw. in the Cantina RPG, Mrear is hidden, and the magic forces now existing have been bound and hidden by something called the Crystal of Ortheaur...that was destroyed inadverdantly in Postlude to Holocaust (but not the 'real' Cantina verse) by the group while you were away.)

Now it's time for Deac to tell me if I explained all that right. ))

[Effectively, yes. But the people of Mrear will never know of the world of the Cantina [that sounds a little silly now that the cantina's harldy in it now...]

Ok, I just needed to know it was the same universe.

Oh, and another thing - according to the first Mrear, it's the Soul Crystal, not the Soul Gem ^_~

*feels very validated that someone who takes all these notes and crafts complicated universes can make mistakes besides me*

Oh by the way...speaking of notes, rereading the first Mrear RPG, you said you were slowly writing down Mrear's mythology - how is that progressing? *curious* ^^))

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