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Exclamation Fun and frustration with scripting! need help

tk102 says: Okay, to whomever is reading this thread everyday * ... why? What compels you to look at this thread? It had value once long ago, but no longer. Please PM me to tell me why.

well I've been trying to take lil'jawa's mod and make it so instead of multiclassing it changes your existing class, and I am kind of a scripting newbie so I tried this..

SetLocalInt(GetPCSpeaker(), "nClass", GetLocalInt(GetPCSpeaker(), "CLASS_TYPE_JEDICONSULAR"));

seeing as it looked as if nClass was the players class

but it wont compile... it doesn't know what setlocalint is, hmm

is what I am trying to do even possible?

thanks for any input, I used to be pretty good at NWN modding but it has been a while so I suck, but this modding community can use all the help it can get right now what with the man trying to keep us down

*Darth333 says: I know who looks at this thread everyday... **

**tk102 says: And I know who looks at who looks at this thread everyday...

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