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Success ! my first mod attempt...well a failure

my second attempt was to change the players model ---- IT WORKED!!!!

This script
effect eDisg = EffectDisguise(DISGUISE_TYPE_N_DARTHREVAN);

ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT,eDisg, oPC);

Does this

If someone else has posted how to change the player model I'll feel stupid but using that command you can make the player look like almost anything in the game!

It may not be anything spectacular, but I'm quite proud of myself

look Im the stupid robot!

Sorry for spamming images but It's a big step for me because it is like the first time i've ever succesfully scripted anything (once in NWN I made arrows that disintigrated the target, but that was the most impressive thing I ever did)

thanks Lil'jawa and the other modders

EDIT: seems stupid villagephoto wont let me see the other picture for some reason, anyone know a better free picture hosting service?
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