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Reskinning possible!

Hello there people!

You can call me an idiot, as I'm sure I am. After a week now, I've been trying something out this night and was shocked... the idea worked, and was so simple I didn't even think of it!

Take a look at this pic... I bet Bastila looks a bit weird now.

This thing has helped me a step torward understanding the format BW has been using for their compression. But the texture used on Bastila is nothing else than a standard compressed 24 Bit TGA.

Necessary steps for something like doing this :

1. Find out what file in the TexturePacks you wanna change. (in my case "P_BastilaBA01")

2. Open the file with a Hex-Editor and look at bytes 8 - 12. There you'll find the texture X & Y sizes, just calculate them to decimal system and you can fire up the graphic program of your choice.

The right sizes are very important, otherwise the TGA won't show up!

3. Make your Texture and save it as 24 bit TGA. Name it exactly as the texture you want to exchange, with the ".tga"-ending.

4. Put that file into your OVERRIDE-folder

5. Fire up KotOR and look at what you've done.

Current downside is that I'm still unable to extract the needed image data for any true skinning, so you'll either have to play around a lot or wait until I figure that out as well. But I'm at it people. This discovery makes some things somewhat easier and more transparent.

Just wanted to let you know.

PS. : I told ya, Lil' Jawa!
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