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Same for me Sanspoof
It take longre than I thought.

Sorry guys no upgrades for you to see.

No Staffroom is ready, not even new special things.

I have hy holiday but alot do to in my life too, so did nothing works out like I imagine.

You will see some new stuff, but I cant say when somethin comes out. Have to go to school again..and blablala no ones wanna know why I cant get faster ready

This thread is almost dead.. I dont know if I should stop ask for help anyway. ( Beauce of to less reactions and the german / english languange problem I have )

I keep the project up and will never stop before its done, you have my word!
Time is another question, someone give me a (no 72! ) million € and I quit work

Thats it;
just wanted to let you people know how things look like.

Have fun and stay cool like you´re

Arthur or Sallim or Sal...or like you want=)


- supreme pleasure -
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