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Skin works, but icon is just a black box?


First time trying my hand at skinning, and before I went ahead to make an actual skin, I wanted to get the process of actually implementing the skin into the game down.

I used the Rosh model for my attempt. Despite the fact that all of the image files in the original Rosh folder were JPEGs, I found my model wouldn't work at all unless I used TGA files. It would crash right out of the game the moment I went to the Profile. So I switched over to Targas and everything's chill, except for two things. One minor, one really, really minor.

The bigger of the two problems is the icon. I made an icon file, but it won't show up. If I make it a JPEG it crashes out of the game when I go to the profile screen, as a Targa, it only shows up as a black box.

Also, it only shows up when I name the file 'icon_default_steam.tga' and won't show up at all if I name it 'icon_default.tga'.

I've been saving the TGA at 32 bits, and the image itself is just a slightly edited version of the original Rosh icon. I removed all references to the red and blue team colours and icons, as this was only a trial skin anyways.

Now, the other small problem isn't even really a problem so much as a curiousity. I've found lots of skins seem to reference back to a non-existant Stormtrooper skin named 'caps.tga', but in the stormtrooper directory there is no such image. Why is that? Can those be deleted to save file size, or will that horribly screw things up?

I've uploaded the PK3 I made to

Again, it's just Rosh with a slight colour change and my website logo stamped on him here and there. The idea here was just to learn how to implement a skin, so please don't download it expecting anything special, it's just there in case it would help anyone if fiuring out what I screwed up on with the icon.

Now that I know I can get a skin working I'll start in on an actual skin. In the meantime any help with the icon problem would be much appreciated.

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