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I am actually pretty unfamiliar with scripting, how would I write a script to change a variable?

for instance if a script looked like this (just an example I know there is no such function)

cColor = getplayercolor;

in this case how would I change cColor? not what comes after the = sign, I want to change the actual result of the getplayercolor

actually let me show what I actually want to do, this returns what the player's class is

int nClass = GetClassByPosition(1,GetFirstPC());

so isn't there a way to write a command to change the RESULT of get nClass (like if the getclassbyposition returned CLASS_TYPE_SCOUNDREL that would be nClass, could I change it to say.. .CLASS_TYPE_JEDISENTINEL)

I don't see why this shouldn't be possible, then again I don't always remember to put pants on in the morning and sometimes pour coffee in my cereal thinking it's milk
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