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ray stepped in, pressed the button and


restarted the whole universe. again.

"WHY, YOU LITTLE CREEPY .. CREEP??" das shouted. shouted? err. yes. shouted. he shouted. "I WAS JUST UP TO KISS MARTHA!!!!!"

so it came that orca showed up, knocked ray down with a iron panty and beamed das with a confusion ray (huh??? ), who turned confused immediatly, so that he passed out.

"i said NO MARTHA!!" then she smiled "you could kiss me instead..", but das was obviously too confused and tried to kiss the power outlet.
"whooaa. what happened?" das was confused again.
At this second ray woke up , stood up and said: "people. i think we have a problem." he made a mean face "the air.. is clammy. again." he explained "and if you would take a look at the compass you may notice that we are directly heading for everyones best friend carl's place landing stage.
someone hacked this course into the boardcomputer and i cant find pete the millipede to fix it. that's why i restarted the universe. but to make it all worse, the button isnt working the way it used to. it 'remembers' the configuration of the universe and after the restart it reconfigures it so everything is like it was before."
ray was curios. he looked at the bottom side of the button and read it aloud "universe restart button 4.3 .. drat. someone updated it. this looks bad. we have to find another button. but where?"
suddenly the phone ringed.
rrrrriiinnggggg. rrriiiinngggggg.
ray answered it. "who is it?" he asked. "who is it there?" was the reply. "HEY!" ray said loud. "OUR phone, WE pay the bills, WE ask the questions here!!" not that he was angry, but he really really hates it if this happens. so he asked again: "who is it?" this time the answer was ..

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