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Got me there, Astro. But you cheated, and you know it, you little villian. I only read TUF a week ago... that was actually one of the few things I think Luceno didn't nail, besides the NJO as a whole. There was a lot of development that could have been done with DQ, and she really could have been one of the series' most interesting characters. You've also got a point about Reunion, but it's not really her fault. As we saw early in the book, Sekot could have done that to any of them...

I don't think we'll be seeing a ton more of her, but what with Troy Denning's upcoming (grr... not till '05) trilogy, you never know.

PS - astro, I'm going to update that Hero/Genius of the NJO thread tomorrow, so watch for that. I've got new data and whatnot since I read TUF and everything...

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