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Stubert -- I like the scoreboard, but the background should be black, or red/blue, and transparent. Other than that, great job.

On my side of the battle, all of the normal Species now have all of my updates mentioned in a previous thread. It also contains fixes for the Chiss Male and Chiss Female torso icons. Those two species won't be added until we get the problem with the species selection figured out. (Just bugfixes for now) I also fixed a problem with one of the Twi'lek's skirts not being two sided.

The Zabrak is in the works, but will probably take awhile. (Marker I think you're right, we should combine our efforts) I have mp/team support for the following hidden skins in: Lannik Racto, Brown Cultist (no team support, not needed), Elder.

I'm still not able to get the JA style MP icon from freepository, so if anyone would be nice enough, my email is . I have been working with some pieced together icons I've made, and it's no fun.
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