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Perfect, and I have a program shell ready for when we do. I've been trying to get a screen capture that is identical to a texture (which might be pretty hard) but by comparing them, I'd be able to figure out which colour a pixel is supposed to be and maybe how they encoded it.
A neat little thing that I found was that textures are "hot swappable" or they can be changed or switched around while kotor is still running. Also if you have a texture that is in the override folder and you remove it while it's running, then kotor will not load the original to replace it. It will just be white.

Also, a while back I tried modifying the erf file directly and it didn't seem to make any difference. Have you tried that and did it work for you? If we can start changing some values to see what difference they make to the textures, then we'd have a better idea what each byte does.
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