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*The council had adjourned, and in the morning the Tournament began. The Tournament occured once a decade and spaned 3 weeks, and was eagerly look forward to by every Aesir. The tournaments began with a very large parade of the military. The Einherjar, Beskers, Valkyries and a host of the regular military would march from the the gates of Vahalla to the palace.

After the parade the actual tournaments would begin. Every city held at least one, and Valhalla held the largest and most numerous tournaments. The tournaments ranged from fighting with a sword, to simulated aerial combat. When the tournaments were not beign held gifts were exchanged, people would go to parties, and generally celebrated. Mead and other drinks flowed like rivers down the streets fo the city, there were feasts.

Their were also two other tradions. The first being that all arms and armor would be heavily discounted during this time frame. The second was the unvieling of a new item. This ranges from a special gun, to starships.

It was early morning when the march in Valhalla began. The sky was a deep blue, the sun shone brightly and there were only a few wipsy clouds. The marchers were all lined up at the cities gate. All of them wore their dress armor which glinted in th emorning sun. Drums began beating and the parade began, Drakes took flight and flew over the heads of the marchers casting shadows on them. The parade is miles long and will last many hours.

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