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Again, thanks! I'll try all that as soon as I have a spare moment.

If I did go with JPEGs, would I have to edit the .SKIN file so it looked for them instead of TGA files? I imagine I would, yet in the original Raven file, the .SKIN said TGA yet the image files were JPEGs.

To add bot support would I be able to just edit the bot files from another model and drop them into the appropriate folders? I tried that initially when I made the skin, but removed all the excess when I started running into problems, so I didn't get a chance to try.

I hope no one minds this thread staying around for a while, because I'll probably have more questions, the more I fiddle around with this.

Actually, does anyone know of a good tutorial? I have the document that came with the Raven mod tools, but it was mainly for Jedi Outcast, which lead to a bit of confusion at times.

Specifically, anything that deals with shaders and bot files would be very helpful.

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