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Spent ages trying to find this, but here we go.

ALIA: I'm stuck between Yufster and Tim Schafer. This can't be good. But it can't be bad, either because I am nearer to Tim Schafer and Yufster than they are to each other.

Translation: I have the largest time difference from San Francisco, whereas Alia is closer to the San Francisco time.

REMIO: Timmy does it for me every time. ;-*

Tim is his favourite Game Designer, or something.

Not to forget the Secret Love Letter that RayJones wrote to Tim Schafer, which I decoded lovingly for you:


i'm not interrested in things i'm not supposed to be interrested in.
I love Tim Schafer and EVERYBODY at Double Fine so Goddamn much.

all i know is that i have enough secrets with myself and that i am a black hole for informations...

I dream about Psychonauts. Alllll the time.

and every post i make is a code.

I also dream about Tim Schafer.

but noone ever understand it.

I would like Tim Schafers children.

there not reading between the lines.

I'm scared of telling my mother I am gay.

and those who do try to read between the lines fail to get the right ones because except for the first and the last ones nearly every line between the lines.

I would like to donate all the money I make in the future to Double Fine, and all the people in Double Fine, and for Christmas I am buying a large and expensive gift to send to Double Fine.

it so complex i'm not even understand it myself. but thats ok since I know what i want to say.

I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I do love Tim Schafer.


I love Tim Schafer so goddamned much.


I want to massage his feet at night for him.

try to decode that.

I hope nobody ever decodes this secret love letter to Tim Schafer, of Double Fine Productions, San Francisco, CA.

You might recognise me.

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