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(claims of power?? claims o power????? .. i just pressed a button..
*presses button* .. *dark* .. drat. that was the light. )

(of course there is a phone.. there is also a phone in the jungle. i mean .. tsk..)

..ray can free one of his hand and presses the button. a deep darkness fell over the scene. "damn, i catched the light!" ray thought.. but then he had an idea. "NOW DAS!!" he yelled. against all his usualnesses das didnt reacted confused to this command and quickly pulled out a clove of garlic and ate it. then he draw a deep breath and aspirated to alia's evil crewmanship. ray thought "crap. i should have warned the others." but it was too late. everybody on the ship had passed out, except for das and ray. "what now?" das asked. "stop breathing so i can!" moaned ray. then he added "lets stand back on back so that we can talk without the danger of melting my lung!"
so they stood, back on back to have a save conversation about how they gonna wake up their fellow crew to get rid of alia's evil crew and take alia for hostage and/or invite for a big breakfast with ham and eggs, croissants, marmelade and a big glass of chocolate milk. this was the first time in ray's life he didnt take any notice of the fact that the air was clammy. still.
"hey!" threw das suddenly in ..

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