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Sellena: He's heart broken. Marriage is different for Jedi, they were almost a part of each other. I don't know how long he'll hold together, James.

You need to see a tailor for the funeral, by the way.

Two day later.

*In the courtyard a great pyre has been built, Agamarian Gaurdsmen form an open box around the pyre. Sophae's body is already on the pyre, dressed all in white.

The great Lord Taklin Falx stands infront of the pyre, he walks fowards, a burning torch in his hands. As he approaches the pyre the Gaurdsmen snap to attention. Flax tosses the torch onto the pyre it catches quickly.

A fresh snow has begun to fall, the snow turns to steam as it touches the heat.*

*The funeral pyre burns, as Sophae's body is consumed by the flames Flax watches, his daughter cries on his shoulder and his two sons stand silently behind him.*

*Flax turns away from the pyre to address the Nobles of the Rim.*

Flax: We have reached a dark time, our brightest daughter, my beloved wife, has fallen. Now we must look ahead and decide what we must do.

The Republic has become corrupt, the Presidant has lost all power, the military has either sided with the polititions or been silenced. Some of our geat leaders have escaped, they stand here with us now. *Gestures to Ackbar and the others.*

One of our greatest warriors, Lord Deac Starkiller was almost killed by the Imperial Seperatists. Our enemies are numerous, we must deal with them one by one. Tomorrow we will make plans

For now though, we shall moune the dead.

*Turns back to the fire.*

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