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It is able to convert the original into a RAW-RGB-Image, as this was easier for me. Colors were so far off, I was getting a headache. The colors should've been brown tones, but I got only violet tones.

Anyhow, I'll be studying how the color changes apply exactly, and maybe figure out the color alteration.

BTW, we can use a 32x32 Pixel Image to find out. I've noticed that 32x32 is the exact size the XP gained-Sign, DS-Points gained-Sign (lbl_idside) and the LS-Points gained-Sign (lbl_ilside) are stretched to. And for example the Gizka Skin (C_Gizka01) is exactly 32x32 in size, therefore we can get an image that is not altered in size in the game.

Hmm... another guess as well. In all my studies I have never changed the graphic mode, I'm trying to figure it out on 800x600. Maybe when screen size goes up, the image might be stretched more, I haven't tried out yet. So I don't know if the above idea is only applicable under 800x600 or under the other screen modes as well.
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