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I mean Whooaaa, was the very first sound I produced when I first visit your web site Laserschwert. I've been making poor riping of LucasArts Games for years and your production has been one of the things tahta has made 2003 a good years after all. Discovering Dark Forces and the two Indiana Soundtracks I went bit funny in the head... but what you've put onilne since has been a little bi disappointing
First, your Sam and Max soundtrack seems to miss a few important themes and the tone of the whole was .. strange, but that must be me.
Then, GF soundtrack was a real deception : short tracks, no "Rusty Anchor".... can we hope for a montage of several cues and themes from the game instead of "simple" rip in a distant future ?
I'm aware I asked a lot but your work has impressed me a lot in the first place so... it's always worth asking.
To conclude two comments :
- why the MI3-MI4 covers are composed here and there of non MI3-MI4 pics ?
- is it me or there's no tag in the mp3 downloadable?
-your site looks great , go on, it's worth it
and that was third free comment <i>pour le monsieur</i>
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