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Well, regarding the pros and cons, you like the site after all, I guess.

You're right, there's some stuff I didn't put on the "Sam & Max" soundtrack. That was mainly very irritating background music, like "Mystery Vortex" and "Frog Rock". But you're right, now that I look at it, there are all the Snuckey-themes that I probably should have added... maybe I'll add them later. But what about the tone? Probably just you

The "Grim Fandango" section was something that was created in a rush, since many people mailed me, asking when it will be put online. Maybe you've noticed, that the files aren't even on my server, that's just because I didn't upload them, but linked directly to the files from the "Grim Fandango Network" (which I was asked for by the Mojo staff). You say that there are missing tunes, and that's absolutely right, since the files provided are simply a rip of the original soundtrack CD. But I guess I'll add a "More Music from Grim Fandango"-CD as I find time (and yes, I might do montages... no promises though).

What was that about the MI3 / MI4 artwork being interchanged?

1. Huh?
2. Where?
3. What?
4. Does it matter?

And yes, again you're right, no MP3-tags... at least not for most of the stuff (I think "Dark Forces" does). But the idea is to burn that stuff as audio CDs... I didn't create those covers for fun... well, not entirely

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