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((I didnt get a thumbs up form you red, but here i go anyway...))

Uma "If you knew so much you'd know that if it weren't for him, I'd be the bearer of the title 'Kvana Clare'. I dispise him, and everything that he does. After I lost the change to him, I joined 'The Order of Crathas'. A society, which envolves itself with several matters concerning many things. One of which envolved in forging crystals that looked irremarkibly alike to the Soul Crystal, but of course are totaly usless."

*Uma pauses for a breif moment*

Uma "That was until I became the sole survivor of the Crathas, in which their their attempts to stop Kvana's plot from continueing any further. However, with the Order revealing themselves, The Queen's lapdog slaughtered my comrades! I'll never forgive him. If you want to know how it all started, I'll tell you..."

((Unless someone wants to cut in before a nice flashback, otherwise, Red the flashback is just cued ^_^))

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