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Is democracy dying?, I don't think it is dying. When mass groups of people want different things, democracy is the only way to keep a general sanity over the group. Do some of the democratic national governments around the world need to be tweaked at the least or completely revamped? Yes, even the US could use some slapping. I think it was Rush Limbaugh (yeah, I know I know) that said a few years back that the US might be getting too big for a central government to run it. Could this hold any truth?

But, I think a big problem lies with the people that have the right to use the system, but don't. Example: I live in Ohio. Ohio is very boring and though many of the cities here have a lot of crime, the state lives in realitive peace. Tomorrow, Governor Taft will be signing a bill legalizing the right to carry concealed weapons. Now, since this got reported people have been up in arms (no pun intended) about this saying that it isn't needed blah blah blah... Point is that these same people knew that the state government was and has been talking about this issue for some time. Did those people write their senators or represenatives saying that this was a bad idea? Some did, I'm sure. But most didn't.

I think what it comes down too is the education of the people who can vote. I think that statistics for the US say that maybe some 30% of the people that can vote do so on a regular basis. That means only 1/3 of the people pick our leaders. I think that if even 50% of the people in the country voted, we might see some vast differences. Voting should be an issue pushed in the schools every where. Otherwise, democracy will die out from lack of use.
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