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Flax: I can't come with you this time, Deac, I'm needed here. You're going to Tallacos to get Elella?



*On this world it is summer. The world is unspoilt by civiliization, the local humans have renounced all but the most essential modern technology. The Only advanced settlement was around the spaceport.*

*That was why Drago, or rather Dralso, liked it. The world reminded him of Mrear, before all the troubles had begun.

Drago was renting a small cottage just off the main square of the settlement, he was posing as a blacksmith. The local people were a religious sect, they avoided the use of technology, even slugthrowers were frowned on. As a result he had a lot of work, shoeing horses and the local, Eliket, the native beast of burdan.

The place was good for Lelan too, she had no memory of her time as a Vampire, Dralso knew he would have to ease her into the galaxey slowly.

He wasn't really here as a blacksmith though, he was here to watch the Jedi.*

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