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Kvana: Ah yes, the Starkiller...your pardon if I seem overconfident, but I believe the Starkiller will not be a problem for us at this time. But come! We shall visit the Vener. And quietly, for I have some strange sense that we are being watched...

*The room shrinks and blurs, and the scene shifts to a cavern deep in the earth, with eerie voices from unseen bodies echoing softly in its acoustic depths. A layer of dark ash covers the floor. Kvana and Vertmor stand in front of a large shrine surrounded by statues. The largest statue is glowing. Kvana stands on a large flat stone in front of it*

Kvana: Will you grant your wisdom to the mage Kvana Clare, as he respectfully asks, and gifts the Vener well?

*A congolmerate of voices drown the room in hisses. Eventually a voice emerges to answer*

We will answer the mage Kvana Clare, perhaps. What does it have to speak?

Kvana: What is this dragon that has taken the gargoyle K'Warra?

*Another clamour, and then several answers.*

He does not realize. He does not see.

Shunaria the Great is of the Old Ones. Doom is what he wishes, and he shall devour indeed.

Kvana: What does Shunaria desire of the gargoyle K'Warra?

*The voices hiss again*

Gargoyle's skin is what Shunaria wishes. Indeed he already has it.

Kvana: Then Shunaria has accomplished what he wanted?

*An even louder eruption of voices*

Shunaria will never have what he desires. But he has gained what he badly wished for, indeed he has!

The mage Kvana Clare does not need to concern himself with the Old One. Nor should the Vener. Too difficult it is for us to see into the voids!

We will speak of this no more! Ask other questions, vampire. Or we shall cease to answer.

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