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ok man ill help you with the kmu editor if you still have it, ok first put kmu in the save game direct you want e.g C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR\saves\000002 - Game1 or any other save game. Remember the save game has to be in the ebon hawk or your hideout otherwise it wont work. So double-click kmu and wait, ok now you have 2 choices about the training click your one, now choose your option ok itll say choose a feat/power/e.t.c you posses say you want all implant levels and you want to get read of empathy or watever, you find a feat you have already then when its says choose a feat you want to exchange and press the number that corrasponds with empathy or the one u dont need, ok now its should come up with 1st feats 2nd feats e.t.c choose 1st feats if you want implants choose implant level one, now you have that feat, if you want all three levels then you will have exchange another feat you dont need to get all three levels of implants, but the trick to kmu is that you dont need the second level, e.g. you have 1st level implant skip 2nd and have 3rd instead ok you have to hav the first one though cos without level one there can be no level 3, ok hope you got all that, one more tip for you if thats to hard just exchange one feat for profeciency all in special feats (it gives you all prequistes)

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