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I think our taste in music can be linked with our awareness of everything floating around us. When you get older you progress from liking bands because they sound cool or described as THE band to liking bands because they make great lyrics,...
I think when you are in puberty you mostly follow the mainstream or the flow thats accepted by a certain group you are part of.
For example: Where I live we have one "alternative" radio station and a few commercial ones. You are either part of the commercial folk or the alternative folk. So you accept everything they feed you. In my opinion that "alternative" is getting a slightly drive towards the comercial so those commercial flows are fed to the alternative folk aswell. And as their mind is is still in progress they mostly dont question what is ahead of them or too much.
The possibility is when they are grown up they get more aware of everything around them and will question those things.
There are exceptions off course.

Another example is me liking action movies when I was young and having a more soffisticated taste now. I now like movies like The Pianist or La vitta e bella more then films like T3.

Or maybe its because we are getting old.

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