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I like a very wide variety of music-
-the doors
-led zeplin
-pink floyd
-rollingn stones
-older limp biuskit
-linkin park
-the who
-lenard skynard
-rob zombie
-stone sour
-john williams classical indiana jones, star wars etc.
-even some older country
And many more have not put down

And there really isnt much music i dislike, put i must say as for good chorlete (sp?), sum 41, simple plan, i just cant stand them.
I also dont reallt like any type of "pop" music like spears, or the boy bands. but, if that is what people want to listen to, fine with me. I suppose you noticed that just about everything i put is classic rock, rock, or metal...thats simply because thats who i am ,i like the stuff.

Simply because i dont like the music i dislike, does not mean i dont respect them, they are artists and i respect that, acept good chorlete, they suck al everything

AC/DC *excellent *
And you! I just plain don't like you!
CRD= Carbinated refreshment drink
otherwise known as Pop.

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