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Originally posted by Tyrion
On another note, I wonder how many slots a AT-AT will have and wether or not infantry get anti-air missles.
I reckon that an AT-AT (if we get it) would have at least 7 or 8 slots (gunner, driver, passengers). I think the biggest amount that you can have in BF1942 is 6 (in the C-47, in the SWoWW2 addon).

Also, with the unlockable characters, how many people are going to want to play online and fight NPC's? This is something that they need to think about. And the NPC's had better have some pretty decent A.I. if they want them to be a match for top players.

I think that perhaps there should be a lightsaber randomly placed on any map (like the jetpack on BF1942:SwoWW2). Then people couldn't start with it and would be limited to 1 or 2 per map.

Hopefully they'll make the voice chat easy to use, and perhaps a simple version for plane flying. It IS very frustrating when you crash of BF1942 because you've been chatting when you should've been flying.

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