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Hey Swoosh, you wont believe what i just found. Its a list of people asking for websites in the LA area. The website is called Craiglists, and it has certain web design jobs for many major citys. Here is the link to some people in the LA area. Craglist. I found a guy offering 55-65k for doing some graphic and flash work. Hope this helps you out. Contact me if you would like additional help

Here is one imparticular you might fancy. Its the one offering 55-65k for a "wowy" website.

And if you really want a super real good paying web design job, here is your acces key. Its a job for a company that does techinal work for Warner Bros. Phizer. Turner. Paul Mitchell. and other companies. Pays 30,000 a year.

Back onto the topic. Why arent very many new people comin to the battlefront forums?

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