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Kotor Tool - v1.0.2210.16738 (2006-1-19 12:38)

NOTE: Kotor Tool current version: v1.0.2210.16738 (2006-1-19 12:38)

You can download it at:
Kotor Tool site

You can check out the new features that will be in the next release here

For those who take the time for README files...

kotor_tool readme.txt

Some features of Kotor Tool:

*ERF Builder - create your own .mod/.erf/.hak/.sav files

*2DA Editor

*New image viewer built in (with extract)

*Text editor now more like a "real" editor

*GFF internal format viewer

*Editors/viewers for most all GFF files (.utc,.utd,.uti,.utm,.utp,.utt, etc.)

*Dialog editor

*Search for text in game files

*Project Manager

*3D Model extractor (with helper app)

*Module editor

*and much more!

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