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Enema 7 - 9 ...Full of S*&T !!

I cant believe this has turned into those "I heard they are making Ep 7, 8 and 9 threads." Sheesh After waging countless wars on this very topic on forums, here we are in the much more 'sane'(I thought until now) lucasforums, and ppl are rabitting on about the same crap.

*Peter Mayhew said, WTF does that matter. He plays a guy in a suit, he doesnt even have ONE LINE in any of the films.....It is all up to GEORGE LUCAS...who has EMPHATICALLY stated that he will NOT be doing 7, 8 and 9 EVER. This isnt from what "my friend said he saw it on the net" bullshyte, George Lucas says it himself on the EPI DVD, in an interview with Leonard Malten I nelieve, but has said it in various other sources. This has even been a question on "Ask the Jedi Council" on the official site. GL said NO. Making Ep3, doing the OT DVDs and producing Indy 4 have/will occupy the last 10+ years of his life...he will be in his 60s. Maybe something related to SW may eventaute one day(which I doubt), but say farewell to 7-9... be grateful that SW has a decent EU !

ANYONE who can quote a LEGITIMATE source of DIRECT evidence, about George Lucas corroborating those allegations himself will be awarded the medal not unlike Leia gave to Luke and Han in ANH, personally, by ME !!

**Goes off to start, "I heard Epsidoe 3 will have bullet time, will be directed by Peter Jackson, and Keanu Reaves will play anakins pit droid, and Yoda fights against Aragorn and Mr Smith" thread**

**Dragging fingers across blackboard sound** ...thats how annoyed I get everytime I read such pointless speculation...


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