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Originally posted by Darth Groovy
And the point to MY post, is that all music is inspired/based/copied and elaborated on by something earlier. The Beatles were ifluenced by Elvis, David Bowie, was influenced by Bob Dylan, Trent Reznor was ifluenced by Bowie, Joy Division was influenced by The Sex Pistols, even Elvis himself was influenced by the blues. All forms of rock, and pop are combinations of other forms of music. It is the way it has been, and the way it always will be. And at my age, listening to people argue about what is punk, and what is not, is so tired, it's not even worth listening too anymore. I could give a crap less how many beer bottles Sid Viscious broke over his forehead, if he can't play a bass guitar to save his life. Get over it.
Yea, thats the idea. According to one generation, pure rock was this and its dead. Another generation says pure rock is this and its dead. MY generation says that Punk is long dead, but people of a naive stature (I.e: People who listen to pop IMO) say that Avril is punk, say that G.C. is pop, ect, ect. Its all in the eye of the beholder.
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