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Originally posted by Swoosh
0 Bantha Cleaner
50 Gungan Grunt
100 Moisture Farmer
150 Imperial Recruit
200 Battle Droid
250 Rebel Ensign
300 Stormtrooper
350 Rebel Soldier
400 Republic Commando
450 Imperial Officer
500 Rebel Officer
550 Destroyer Droid
600 AT-ST Pilot
650 TIE Pilot
700 X-Wing Pilot
750 AT-AT Pilot
800 Rebel Spy
850 Rebel General
900 ARC Trooper
950 Royal Guard
1000 Rebel Hero

Those are the new titles for now. If you guys can come up with a list that modifies that and everyone can agree on, then I'll set it up...but this will do for now

Yay! My TIE-Pilot, Rebel Spy, and Destroyer Droid made the cut
Awesome list! Oh! lookie! I'm a rebel officer

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