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Indeed. I've also played around with it a bit and it seems to work quite well so far.

I can't wait to see how this shapes up as you expand the functionality. With all the collective knowledge that's been starting to peek through here and there, it'd be sooooo nice to have one tool that can do just about all the various things we need to really get in and mess with KotOR.

Heck.. even if some of the functions are just "shell out" buttons that pass correct parameters to the various command line utilities others have released already it'd be a big help.

Meh.. getting ahead of myself. Whole point to this was supposed to be to say thanks for the tool, and good job.


Forgot to mention... I LOVE the 2da editor. With the spreadsheet style colored cells and division lines, it makes those things a LOT easier to edit (without winding up with the wrong value in half the fields) than using notepad or the like. VERY well done.

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