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Space Exp. Wish List

Well, I've been thinking about the Space Expansion, and this is what I think should be included in it:
  • Ability to fly fighters, freighters, capital ships, transports, ect.
  • 2-3 or so new professions, being pilot, gunner, and a hybrid of the two captain (or something like that).
  • At least 1 new planet (hopefully Mon Calamari).
  • The space station in the Talus system to be accessible.
  • Ability to build space stations similar to houses.
  • Starship crafting disciplines.
  • Factions actually have the abillity to DO something to the opposing faction (take over bases, cities, ect.).
  • Smugler's gain the ability to actually do what they were meant to do (smuggle stuff past imp/reb/opposing guild/whoever checkpoints) and an addition of a smuggler mission terminal.
  • Starship docking bays, as simply storing them wouldn't look right.
  • Ability to see the interior of your ship, instead of just mounting and flying away.
  • Ability to, if your ship is large enough, declare residence in it.
  • Longer hyperdrive flights, with buyable minigames such as holochess.

Anything else anyone wants to add?

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