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First I would like to say is that when it comes to modding I am a major noob. I don't have any programing experience so most of what is discussed in this forum is over my head. I found a link for Lil' Jawa 's Darth Revan Reincarnate 1.1 mod on the Bioware forum and was hooked into wanting to mod SW-KotOR myself,but as I said I don't have much of clue about this stuff. The only thing I have ever done is made a few mods for Civ3 and Morrowind and that was just for personal use.

I borrowed NWN off a friend to use the KOTOR BUILDER , but I couldn't figure out how to use it.

This is a sweeet app.very intuative. Even I find this program easy to use.IThink now I might actually be able to mod something for KotOR .

Thanx for this i was begginning to think it would be hopeless for me now i just have to figure out what all thoughs file types are I understand the purpouse of the 2dA and I know I can do something fun with them

So thank you for posting this it's a really cool program
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