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"i think i know how to unclammify the air!"



"you suck, das." stated ray.

"hi." replied das.

"well, it looks like i'm in this thing by myself. i'm going to have to find a way to get us back to-"

"monkey island!"

"no, not monkey island..."said ray, "but instead, we're going to find atlantis!"

"hoorya!" said das. [yes, that was a typo, but i'm deciding to keep it like that.]

"let's go."

"but isn't atlantis underwater?" asked das.

"damn. you're right."

"don't worry!" and das pulled out a little remote thing. "wait for just a minute." and they waited. for a minute. "ah! here it comes!" said das.

"what's coming?"

and at that moment, a gigantic submarine surfaced right next to the boat. "my submarine!"


"now we just have to get everyone in there. we'll use the lifeboats."

a few minutes later, everyone was inside the submarine and they set course for atlantis.

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