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Hitting back

Ok, so for some reason, over the past week, my computer has been infested with the most offensive browser hijacker I have ever seen.

Essentially, it changes my homepage. It locks my homepage onto their website. Then, it grabs any website I type into the toolbar and redirects me to their website. Essentially, unless I use my favorites bar, I am stuck going to their website and only theirs.

I fix the problem using Spybot S&D, but it comes back. I've done virus checks, and it does nothing. Through Spybot S&D, I was able to see that they changed my registry! They changed it! Without my permission! I tried adjusting it back to default settings, but it keeps changing.

I now want to contact these people directly. I am tired of having to run Spybot every other time I sit at my computer. There is a small "uninstaller" on their site, but it doesn't work.

The website is If anyone knows of any way to contact them, or has heard about them before, please reply or PM me. If this disgusting and invasive software continues to infiltrate my computer, I do intend on bringing legal action.

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