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Originally posted by Excelsion
Hehe. MMMPIE, you should add Ewok Smilies to the pic with the sniper in your sig.
Good idea, gonna see what i can do
Originally posted by Father Torque
Dude, Ewoks are cool, Wookies are awesome, but can you turn down a Tusken Raider. I mean, they shoot sniper rifles, sound like horses, are like 2 feet tall, live in mountains. I mean what more do you want.

I say we make a Ewok/Wookey/Tuscan Raider Alliance. Together we good stuff, like make some new smileys and other neat things. Ya, we will rock. Well be the smiley kings
Don't forget s man!
The Furry/Cloaked Creatures Alliance (FCCA) it is!

Yubb yubb!

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