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Angry My Friend Got STABBED!!!!!!!!

Ok, this really made me mad today: My friend Tim, African American, he and some chinese guy were getting mad and calling names, its normal for us to do that its just letting off steam no conflicts, but then the chinese guy drops the n-bomb!. So Tim starts beating the guy up, and the chinese guy whips out a pair of scissors and stabs Tim in the back of the head! I was like HOLY CRAP WTF ?!?

Anyway, our teacher told us 4th period (it happened around 1st period) that Tim was alright and that the scissors didn't penetrate very deep so he won't need stitches... as for the chinese guy... he's expelled... and some of tim's friends want some revenge... they wanna find out where he lives and... well you know the rest...

All is not well at Houston High School

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