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Kotor Tool v1.0.1480.42651 (2004-1-21) Released today.

Main changes:

*Faster BIF tree building (~4.4x!)

*More types handled by GFF Editor

*Stopped assuming certain resource types were only found in
certain BIF/RIM files (Doh! What was I thinking... then again, look
at the posting times...)

* Added text view support for txi and vis resources

* Added Hex/Ansi/Unicode viewer

Is that enough new things for one evenings coding?

Download at link in 1st post (well, only if you want to...)


P.S. If any of you art-enabled folks think you have a great design for a 32 x 32 pixel icon for Kotor tool, send them my way; I'll pick one to use and give you credit for it.
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