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i've had friends who've been stabbed, shot at, hit by bats, hammers, axe handles, pistol whipped, had guns pointed at them over an argument, jumped, and just about everything else. you're buddy started the fight because he threw the first punch. i can tell you right now that if you go after that one guy, that's sad, the reason me and my friends were going to go after the guys who stabbed my friend is cuz he was just walking on the street and they jumped him, your buddy started a fight, there are no rules in fighting. if they're arguing they better be able to take what is given to them, why didn't "tim" just call the guy and chink, needle dick slanty eye or something like that? it's his own fault, i have no sympathy, especially since the situation is against him (by starting the fight) and i've dealt with it personally. if one of my friends starts swinging and gets his ass stabbed i'm gonna be pissed but me and my buddies aren't going to go kill the guy, we're gonna set up ANOTHER fight, where he's for sure going to have no weapons and lose. my friend got stabbed in the throat and BARELY didn't die, the blade scraped his trachea and pushed his main artery. imagine how mad I was when that happened. now stop and actually think about it, you're mad, it's understandable, but that's the way things happen in fights. if you go after that guy, that's one of the dumbest and most childish things to do "tim attacked that guy and got stabbed" read that carefully, TIM ATTACKED HIM, so just let tim and that kid go at it again in a fair fight or give tim a knife, but you're pathetic if you jump that kid

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