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Originally posted by BongoBob
(Also to mean no offense)
How come a black person gets pissed when he is called a "N Word" by a white or mexican person(or in this case chinese person), yet black people call each other that all the time, and think nothing of it. A typical conversation heard at my school...
What's up my "n word".
What's up my "n word"
*white person*
What's up my "n word"

I swear, it get's frickin tiring when I hear this EVERY DAY I GO TO SCHOOL.
ok here's the sad part.............i'm white, and i grew up in an all black town pretty much. i was put through hell through lower grades and once i got in Jr high some black dudes were messin with me so i went off on em. I was 5'4" 120 very athletic build, and i took 3 dudes down took a minute but i did it. after that i could walk up to any person (of African heritage) in my town and say wassa my Nigga and they wouldn't care. I've proven myself, plus it helps that i grew up the same way they did.........DIRT POOR. i'm packed now and i still think i am no better than anyone else no matter what kinda situation they're in.

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